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Upshot is a performance management software solution developed in 2009 by the Football Foundation, the largest grant-giving charity in the UK. The Football Foundation needed to demonstrate the impact of its funding, and Upshot enabled them to measure outcomes quickly and easily. Previously it was very time consuming and difficult to produce quantitative or qualitative data.

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Inspiration for development

To develop Upshot further, inspiration was taken from modern applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, where the public willingly enter data because it benefits them. These applications are accessible using mobile phones, tablets and computers and Upshot needed the same ease of use.

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Upshot is unique

Upshot was launched in March 2012 as a performance management software solution for public and not-for-profit organisations like the Football Foundation.

Upshot can provide funders and deliverers with a clear picture of what’s going on and it combines evidence across projects, so everyone involved can analyse the bigger picture.

Now, more than 650 public and not-for-profit organisations are using Upshot to manage, monitor and evidence their community projects.

Meet the Upshot team


Preeti Shetty

Head of Operations

Preeti is a monitoring and evaluation specialist with over 9 years' experience working in the sport for development sector with NGOs and governing bodies. She has a Master's in Sports Management and focuses her efforts on growing Upshot, both in the UK and internationally.


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Tara Lee

Senior Consultant

Tara graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Sociology. Since joining Upshot she has supported over 40 organisations from a variety of sectors with their monitoring and evaluation.



Joseph Flagg


Joseph studied Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Leeds. Prior to joining Upshot he gained experience working in professional football academies and for an international Football for Development NGO.



Tobias Trombik


Tobias has gathered vast business experience in the sports sector by working with agencies, federations and not-for-profit organisations internationally and domestically. Prior to this, Tobias completed his MSc in Sports Management at Birkbeck College.


Noam Gur

Noam Gur

Account & Support Manager

Noam gained experience working in the Hi-Tech industry and sport for development sector in Israel. Prior to joining Upshot, he completed his MSc in Sociology of Sport at Loughborough University


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William Noyes

Account & Support Manager

William joined the team after several years working in the not-for-profit sector with experience overseeing on-the-ground monitoring and evaluation strategies for national and international organisations.


Account & Support Manager - final v2

Account & Support Manager

We're currently recruiting a new Account & Support Manager. 

Once we announce the new addition to the Upshot team, the bio of the new member will be added. 

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Our developers

Without the brilliant minds of Torchbox, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Neal Todd and Helen Warren are our lead developers at Torchbox and they are crucial in the maintenance and development of Upshot. 

Read more at torchbox.com

Want to work for us

Having grown rapidly since our launch in 2012, Upshot is constantly on the look-out for highly motivated people to join our team to deliver Upshot to the not-for-profit sector.

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